Alleged Hitler’s secret clinic found in the Canaries

Read Time: 1 Minute, 55 Second In the Canary Islands, they found a possible refuge for the leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler. According to assumptions, the villa served as a secret clinic, where the Fuhrer, after the defeat in World War II, underwent plastic surgery, after which he left for South America.
Japan offered to threaten Russia with a blockade of the South Kuriles
Read Time: 46 Second The Japanese leadership should show “readiness and ability” to block the straits between mainland Russia and the South Kuriles, which Tokyo claims. So says the Japanese political scientist, former diplomat Akio Kawatao, who published an article on the Newsweek Japan portal.
9:32 11 марта 2021
Soteldo: Wearing the Santos No10 shirt has never burdened me
Venezuela and Santos' Yeferson Soteldo speaks exclusively with The diminutive midfielder gained global attention at the 2017 U-20 World Cup He talks about his challenging upbringing, Messi's influence on him and much more The Venezuelan Yeferson Soteldo is one of the most electrifying players competing in South America today, and while he
19:00 10 марта 2021
Russia has reduced the import of dairy products by 9% since the beginning of the year
The Russian Federation also reduced the import of other food products. Thus, the import of grain crops decreased by 54.3%, tobacco - by 35.6%, vegetables - by 31.7%, meat and offal - by 27%, fruits and nuts - by 21.7%.
0:00 9 марта 2021
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